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Imagine how fast you would become THE BEST hypnotist you can possibly be if you received full, step-by-step hypnosis training— as well as a lifetime of support from myself and other master-level hypnotists anytime you needed it!

By popular demand, I’m finally launching The Hypno Dojo to the public— an online “gym” where Master Hypnotists, like myself, will teach you our unique methods for rapidly and effectively hypnotizing anyone, changing people’s lives, and getting paid to do what you love!

This is EXACTLY what I wish I had when I was getting into hypnosis!

The Hypno Dojo is an online training facility, whose purpose is simple:
To support YOU in becoming the best hypnotist and human being you can possibly be! 

Inside, you will not only receive FULL hypnosis training, from street hypnosis to healing hypnosis— you will also benefit from a lifetime of ongoing support from master hypnotists, like myself, in our members-only facebook group for any struggle or challenge you may come across!



✔️ Rapid and effective methods of hypnotizing anyone, anywhere (no-fluff)
✔️ Simple yet powerful methods of  PERMANENTLY changing people’s lives (stop smoking, emotional healing, etc)
✔️ To feel empowered in ANY social situation and effortlessly attract anyone’s attention!
✔️ Unlimited support from master hypnotists anytime you have a question, challenge, or want feedback!
✔️ A crystal clear path to creating a life of passion, freedom and wealth


➡️ If that's you, here’s my invitation….⬇️

Join the ranks of master-level Hypnotists and sign-up to The Hypno Dojo today!

🌀 Spend 2hrs going through the Master Hypnosis online video training

🌀 Start practicing on your friends/family in less than 24hrs

🌀 Study the hypnotherapy modules so that you can get paid for changing lives ($500+/client)

🌀 Share your success and questions in The Hypno Dojo facebook group and become a master hypnotist!

And because this training is all about creating life-changing RESULTS for yourself, you won’t just leave with “ideas” on how to hypnotize others....

You’ll ACTUALLY walk away with:

🔥 Unshakeable confidence in being able to hypnotize anyone, anywhere!

🔥 The ability to make people forget their name, believe you’re their favorite celebrity, speak different languages— anything you can think of!

🔥 The skills to help people PERMANENTLY stop smoking and heal emotional trauma

🔥 Access to a high-integrity support community to help you develop and master your skills

🔥 Tools & frameworks that will make it easy to start posting, pitching, and filling your calendar with potential clients

🔥 I’m giving you EVERYTHING you need to become the best hypnotist and human being you can possibly be!


When you sign-up for The Hypno Dojo today, you will instantly receive:
✔️ 2hrs of HD “Street Hypnosis” video training
✔️ Hypnosis “The Essentials” guidebook
✔️ Stop Smoking Hypnosis Training
✔️ Emotional Healing Hypnosis Training
✔️ Full performance Street Hypnosis videos
✔️ Lifetime access to The Hypno Dojo facebook group


Which means in just a few days, THIS COULD BE YOUR LIFE:

🔥 You feel confident and empowered knowing you could hypnotize anyone, anywhere, anytime!

🔥 You become the spotlight of every room you walk into just by saying you’re a hypnotist (huge ice-breaker!)

🔥 You get to make people experience trippy realities and adventures

🔥 You easily attract new friends, love interests and opportunities

🔥 Your able to help your client’s and loved ones PERMANENTLY free themselves of smoking addictions and/or their deepest traumas

🔥 You effortlessly gain “word of mouth” clients in ways that feel natural, expansive, and more aligned than anything before

🔥 You receive $500+/client—and they’re ECSTATIC to pay you for changing their lives and unlocking more of their inner-freedom!

🔥 You feel a greater sense of purpose and aliveness knowing that you can literally create the life you want for yourself!



With the training and support you will be receiving in 
The Hypno Dojo! 


The Hypno Dojo includes these courses

MASTER HYPNOSIS (Limited Edition)
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Stop Smoking Hypnosis
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Soul Medicine (Healing Hypnosis)
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