David Lion 🦁

David Lion

David Lion

Magician & Hypnotist

David Lion is a celebrity performer, speaker and mentor with over a decade of experience in the arts of street magic, mentalism and hypnosis. His passion for connecting with others and doing the impossible has led him to perform for some of the biggest stars, making him a sought-after headliner, mentor and speaker for a wide variety of appearances and seminars around the globe.

His mission is to inspire and empower those who are looking to improve their social skills and overall quality of life, by teaching magic, mentalism and hypnotism right out of his own professional repertoire.

Master Hypnosis (Limited Edition)

Learn How to Hypnotize Powerfully, Quickly & Intuitively
$499 Includes over 90 minutes of video instruction and PDF content

You asked for it, he listened! After tons of requests from fans around the world, David Lion has launched the most simple and comprehensive guide to hypnosis. This course is based on David’s unique style and approach which allows him to hypnotize powerfully and effectively every time.

Simple Miracles

Learn How to Perform Mind-Blowing Street-Style Magic & Mentalism
$97 Includes 18 videos, 12 miracles

After over a decade of secrecy, David Lion is finally revealing his most powerful and awe-inspiring performances. These are some of the very same tricks you’ve seen him perform on stage and in the street. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or new to the craft, these Simple Miracles are easy to learn and will blow your audience away!