David Lion 🦁

David Lion

David Lion

Magician & Hypnotist

David Lion is a celebrity performer, speaker and mentor with over a decade of experience in the arts of street magic, mentalism and hypnosis. His passion for connecting with others and doing the impossible has led him to perform for some of the biggest stars, making him a sought-after headliner, mentor and speaker for a wide variety of appearances and seminars around the globe.

His mission is to inspire and empower those who are looking to improve their social skills and overall quality of life, by teaching magic, mentalism and hypnotism right out of his own professional repertoire.

$50.00 / month

The Hypno Dojo

From Street Hypnosis to Healing Hypnosis! Receive FULL support!

Soul Medicine (Healing Hypnosis)

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Learn how to help others PERMANENTLY release emotional trauma and suffering in ONE session with hypnosis— while further igniting your spiritual gifts

MASTER HYPNOSIS (Limited Edition)

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Learn My Secrets on How to Hypnotize Quickly, Powerfully & Intuitively


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You Will Learn How to Perform Mind-Blowing Street-Style Magic & Mentalism

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

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Learn my "One Shot" method to make anyone PERMANENTLY stop smoking cigarettes or cannabis is ONE hour and earn $500-$1000 per client for transforming lives!