If I could only perform ONE trick for the rest of my life, Mind Reading would be it!

Imagine being able to walk up to ANYBODY, asking them to think of a name, PIN code or random word— and instantly being able to tell them EXACTLY what they are thinking of with 100% accuracy.

Sound too good to be true?

This trick only takes about 15-30mins to learn and perform, and mastery generally takes about one week!

There's absolutely nothing as magical and impossible-seeming as being able to "pluck" a thought from someone's mind,

And with Mind Reading, you will learn how to do exactly that!


This is a very simple trick that looks and feels like real mind reading!

To be honest, when you watch the video, you're going to think "there's NO WAY that this is just a trick!"

But that's the point.

It's supposed to look and feel like real mind reading, otherwise... what's the point?!

Watch the video below to see me perform this LIVE on a radio show!

Please note that there are NO actors or "fake" people in this performance, all the reactions are 100% authentic and genuine!


As my commitment towards giving you the best of the best, I've also included 10 other "simple miracles" for you to learn, practice and master!

SIMPLE MIRACLES is a collection of 10 practical yet mind-blowing magic and mentalism tricks that ANYONE can do!

Most of the tricks will take you about 15-30mins to learn & perform, and mastery will take about one week!

These are tricks right out of my own personal repertoire that I actually perform myself— because if it's not good enough for me, it's not good enough for you!


Here's a brief summary of every trick you will learn within the Simple Miracles collection! Keeping in mind that each trick will take you 15-30mins to learn and perform!

  • Make a mark on your hand, and have it mysteriously appear on your spectators hand as well! They will even feel it happen!

  • Borrow a ring and visually make it melt through the strand of a rubberband, then hand out for inspection.

  • Borrow a ring, and make it visually teleport from your left hand, onto one of the fingers on your right hand! This looks like trick photography!

  • As a follow up, you take that same ring and make it visually teleport from your middle finger to your ring finger as many times as you wish!

  • Placing your hand on the ground, you demonstrate how you can impossibly rotate your hand 360 degrees like the exorcist!

  • Visually make 4 quarters teleport from one point on the table to another, until all 4 end up in the same location!

  • Placing the power in your spectators hands, YOU select a random card and have the spectator tell you EXACTLY what that card is! This is one of my favorites!

  • Placing aside a prediction, you have the spectator shuffle the deck and then select a card. The card they choose matches your prediction exactly!

  • From a shuffled deck, you say the name of random cards out loud and ask the spectator to pick the cards from the deck that they believe might match, only to discover that they've selected every single card you named on their own!

  • From a borrowed deck, you have someone select a card, place it face down against their chest, and you tell them exactly what it is!


Imagine being able to walk up to anyone, borrowing a quarter, and then visually melting their quarter into a water bottle!

To top it all off, when you hand the bottle to them for inspection, they discover that their quarter is now impossibly stuck inside the bottle!

Leaving them with a mind-blowing souvenir that they can keep for the rest of their lives!

I almost didn't include this one, because it's THAT good!

I've used this to fool magicians for years, and the best part is that it's so incredibly easy to perform.

You will receive this "master secret" FREE with your purchase of Mind Reading as my special gift to you!


Take your life to the next level with Mind Reading, Simple Miracles & my super special bonus "Coin Through Bottle" offer today!