"One Shot" Stop Smoking Hypnosis Training

$50.00 / month

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AND GET PAID $500-$1000 TO DO SO?
By popular demand, I’m finally releasing my unique, sure-fire method to help your friends, clients and loved ones PERMANENTLY stop smoking in ONE hour!  This is the exact method that I personally used to go from earning minimum wage (when I was 22) to getting paid $500+ per client.

👇👇👇 So, this is for you 👇👇👇
✔️ To be EXCITED about their work, and not just the paycheck
✔️ The FREEDOM to work from anywhere you want! (can be done online via skype, zoom, etc)
✔️ To earn $500-$1000 for transforming lives and saving people money
✔️ A proven system that covers everything you need to know about smoking release from A-Z
✔️ The exact framework for how to talk to new clients and set up your practice
✔️ A word-for-word script that you can literally just read to them while they’re in trance

The average smoker spends $700/month on cigarettes!  

So paying you $500+ will not only save their health, it will save them money!

➡️ If that's you, here’s my invitation….⬇️

Join the ranks of successful hypnotists and get my "One Shot" Stop Smoking Hypnosis training.
Spend ONE day going through the program, see how EASY the lessons are, and learn how to:
✔️Effortlessly enroll new clients
✔️Joyfully set up your practice
✔️Create a part or full-time DREAM job for yourself by helping others free themselves from their smoking addiction!

And because this training is all about creating real-life RESULTS,
you won’t just leave with “ideas” on how to create more success as a hypnotist....

You’ll ACTUALLY walk away with:
🔥 Unshakeable confidence in offering life-changing Stop Smoking Hypnosis sessions
🔥 A simple yet effective Hypnosis Induction that always works and is DESIGNED for therapy settings
🔥 Tools & frameworks that will make it easy to start posting, pitching, and filling your calendar with potential clients
🔥 My favorite, mind-hacking “power tool” that will allow you to PROVE to your potential clients that you can make them stop smoking by taking away their cigarette cravings in less than a minute! (no hypnosis required!)
🔥 I’m giving you EVERYTHING you need to conduct successful Stop Smoking Hypnosis sessions, even if you’ve never hypnotized a single person yet!
My students regularly take inspired action after my training programs—
because my vision for my trainings is to give you the resources to take action quickly.

Implementation > Information

💲You can easily get your first client within one week of completing the training
💲All you need is ONE client to get back nearly DOUBLE on your investment into the training!
💲Many of you will actually turn this into your DREAM job - IF you show up ready to play.

💎 The “One Shot” Stop Smoking Hypnosis ebook (by yours truly)
💎 A step-by-step guide for getting your first $500-$1000 client in one week!
💎 My personal marketing materials (so that you don’t have to think about how to sell!)
($997 value)

Which means in less than a month, THIS COULD BE YOUR REALITY:
✔️ You get messages virtually every-single-time you post about your new offer
✔️ You effortlessly gain clients in ways that feel natural, more expansive, and more aligned than anything before
✔️ You receive your first (or hundredth) $500-$1000 client—and they’re EXCITED to pay you for changing their lives and saving them money!
✔️ You’re excited to work with someone in a new capacity (WITHOUT feeling drained)
✔️ You’re forever done trying to figure out “how to make money” or working minimum wage
✔️ You’re using your Hypnosis skills in ways that empower you and impact the world around you!

With the material I’ll be sharing in the “One Shot” Stop Smoking Hypnosis program!
All you’ve gotta do is decide to show up and get yourself the training now!

I'm so confident that you'll absolutely LOVE the training that I'm even giving you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

That means, if you don't like the training for any reason, simply email us and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.  That's how much I know you will benefit from this!

David Lion

David Lion

Magician & Master Hypnotist

David Lion is a celebrity performer, speaker and mentor with over a decade of experience in the arts of street magic, mentalism and hypnosis. His passion for connecting with others and doing the impossible has led him to perform for some of the biggest stars, making him a sought-after headliner, mentor and speaker for a wide variety of appearances, and seminars around the globe.

His mission is to inspire and empower those who are looking to improve their social skills and overall quality of life, by teaching magic, mentalism and hypnotism right out of his own professional repertoire.

Course Curriculum

The ONLY Stop Smoking Hypnosis Training you will ever need!

  • The "One Shot" Stop Smoking Hypnosis Method

How To Get Your FIRST $500-$1000 Client!

  • Your Next Steps Towards Success!

Authentic Marketing Materials

  • Promo Materials
  • Crafting Your Business
  • How To Create Engaging Social Media Posts